Habbo Credits Generator Download

Free habbo credits generator


why pay for credits?

Seriously! What is the point. It costs so much money – £3.50 for 1 month HC, and £0.60 for JUST A HATCH!

Play all the games you’ve wanted to. Maybe you got furni by trading, but you cannot always get things like battleball, and diving, plus wabblesquabble tickets.

Maybe you can trade credits, but the credit – furni radio is WAY to high. For example:

1HC 75 RD/ credits

But you get… 10 credits

What a… RIP OFF!

how it works

All credit codes are generated in an order.

There are numbers and letters, which change is an order that we have cracked.

Every time that you click generate, the program automatically changed the combination to what we have sussed.

how to use the generator

Firstly, download is required.

What you have to do is:

#1—-Open the program
#2—-Click “Generate” at the bottom
#3—-Copy the code from the box into your

will i be safe/be banned?

It generates the code you put into your purse… no hacking or scamming!

So, you are not making any other habbo’s unhappy!


does it contain any viruses?

No, of course not, anything detected by virus scanners or firewalls is purely as it connects the the Habbo server (ssl) in order to retrieve the combination path.

Meaning that it inputs to the Habbo database that the credit code is valid/has been activated.


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